How to EVICT a tenant in Michigan

What procedures does a landlord have to follow to evict a tenant?

Before a case is filed with the Civil/Real Estate Division of the 36th District Court, there are a number of steps a landlord must take before a tenant can be evicted.

A landlord must fill out and issue to a tenant one of two forms: the “Notice to Quit” or “Demand For Possession”. These forms can be purchased at the Civil Division cashier’s window on the 2nd Floor of the Madison Center Building for one dollar ($1.00) or at any office supply store.

When filling out these forms, it is important for the landlord to print the tenant’s full name and correct address on the form. If delivered by mail, do not use the court as your return address.

Our Process;

  • 1 week before end of the month ask “how are you going to get payments to us”
  • If rent is not received by the 1st $100.00 penalty
  • If not received by the 3rd attorney is notified and 7 day notice is issued
  • If not received by the 15th additional $100.00 is applied
  • Eviction can be done within 30 days

$75.00 bounced check fee