Benefits of Using AppFolio Property Manager

What is AppFolio?


AppFolio Property Manager is a web-based real estate property management system. The software enables property managers to market and manage their portfolio online and easily. It includes functions with the ability to email work-orders, owner statements and resident communications. Users can post vacancy ads and a personal website. A mobile app gives users mobile access to their data.


Why choose AppFolio Property Manager?


It Is a Complete Solution:  You can run your entire property management business from one software system.


Manage and Fill Rentals Faster:  In just a few clicks you quickly post your vacancies to the world and eliminate the hassle of maintaining data in different locations.


It is Web-based Software: You don’t need to buy, manage and maintain servers, which saves up on time and money. You can Access the information you need from anywhere, anytime from your Mac or PC. You won’t need to configure, maintain or upgrade the software.


It is Easy To Use: You can learn to use the software in an hour and with their intuitive search feature you will find information faster.


No Servers Required:  All you need is your computer, connected to the Internet. You don’t need to set up or maintain servers or databases. All software upgrades are delivered automatically.


You Own Your Data: You can always access your data from anywhere whenever you need it. All of your data is secure and stored in their redundant data centers and backed-up regularly.


Pricing: The pricing is simple with no hidden fees.


Best Technology: Your employees spend less time on routine tasks and they will fill vacancies faster so you can grow your business more quickly.


Make More Money: With Appfolio you can: automatically post vacancies, accept rent online, spend zero time fixing and updating, manage more properties, make more informed business decisions and do it all saving time and money.


Reduce Wasted Time: You can avoid mail costs and save time by emailing owner statements. You can automatically post vacant units to hundreds of sites on the Internet and your website with a few clicks. You can accept online payments from your residents. You can customize AppFolio Property Manager reports to work for your business.


Big Company Security Made Affordable: AppFolio provides you with Physical Security and Internet Security.


Paperless Office: Everyone in your office has access to AppFolio and the electronic documentation from the office and while traveling.  With AppFolio you save money and help the environment by reducing the paper you use in your office.


The Future of Leasing: You can show the property online, your customers can apply online and sign the lease online.


Benefits for Your Customers: You can communicate with your residents easily and faster. Your owners have on-demand access to the statements, completed work orders and reports. Your residents can pay their rent online. You can pay owners using our E-Check functionality to deposit the funds directly into their bank accounts. Owners are paid faster and more securely.