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Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose AppFolio Property Manager

1. Easy to use

The most important feature of our software is that you can use it effectively. Because our approach

is different you will spend your time focusing on running your business other than figuring out some

complicated technology.

2. Technology

Our product is built using the most recent technology and by a very experienced engineering team.

Our team is led by Jon Walker, CTO and AppFolio Founder, and it consists many engineers with

graduate degrees and PhDs.

3. On-Demand

With AppFolio you won’t need to buy, install maintain and upgrade any hardware, software or server.

You will always be on the most current version and we handle it all. You can work anytime and

anywhere because our solution is web-based.

4. Cost-Savings

With AppFolio you will avoid mail costs by emailing statements and work orders. Because you can

automatically post vacancies to listing sites and your website and customize the reports to work for

your business. This way your routine tasks are easier and you can spend more time filling vacancies

and growing your business.

5. Simple Pricing

The pricing model is easy to understand, posted on our website and predictable each month, there

are no surprises or hidden deals. Our aim is to have simple pricing models.

6. Modern

Before building AppFolio Property Manager we interviewed residential property managers. Our web-
based software is built in such a way that you can work from anywhere and manage your finances

with a complete accounting package. Now you can build new property management software

designed for how you run your business now.

7. Built For The Long Term

We have raised $30M in funding to-date and our investors include Cisco Systems, BV Capital and the

Investment Group of Santa Barbara. AppFolio created business solutions for multiple vertical markets

and out first vertical market we’re focusing on is property management.

8. Secure

Your data is the most important thing in your business and what is why we have invested in a

state of the art data center, manned 24x7x365. All sensitive data is encrypted and our redundant

infrastructure ensures the highest levels of service availability. It is bank-grade security.

9. Experience

Our team consists of members that are very experienced and skillful. Our Chief Strategist, Klaus

Schauser, and our CEO, Brian Donahoo, were responsible for creating Citrix GoToMyPC and

GoToMeeting – two award winning web-based collaboration solutions that generate over $250MM

annually. Citrix Online is one of a handful of web-based software companies that are worth more than

$1 Billion dollars today. Our team is successful because we have already built a successful company.

10. Trust

We have extensive support, training and upgrades included in the AppFolio service. Unlike traditional

software, at AppFolio our business success is based on long-term customer retention, not a one-time

sale. We are only successful if our customers are happy.